* 1. Where did you board the bus for this trip? (Ex. Cross-streets and landmarks)

* 2. Where will you exit the bus for this trip? (Ex. Cross-streets and landmarks)

* 3. How did you travel to the location where you boarded this bus?

* 4. If you indicated "Drove," where did you park?

* 5. How will you travel to your final destination once you leave this bus?

* 6. Is this a bike share bike? (Please answer only if you indicated "Bike to destination" for previous question)

* 7. Is your afternoon boarding location the same as where you will
exit the bus this morning?

* 8. How many days did you ride Santa Clarita Transit's commuter bus service in the past week?

* 9. If Santa Clarita Transit's commuter bus service was not available, how would you travel to today's destination?

* 10. What is the primary purpose for your trip today?

* 11. How did you pay for this trip?

* 12. If pass was purchased by you, where did you purchase the pass?

* 13. Please indicate your satisfaction with Santa Clarita Transit's commuter bus service characteristics by checking the appropriate box.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Overall Satisfaction
Availability of Nearby Parking
On-time performance
Availability of onboard seating
Cost of bus travel
Safety onboard
Vehicle cleanliness

* 14. What service change would encourage you to use the service more often?

* 15. If applicable, which online resource do you use most to receive news and information about Santa Clarita Transit services?

* 16. Do you use the luggage compartments? (located on the side of the commuter buses)

* 17. If answered 'Yes' to previous answer, What items do you store in these compartments? (e.g. luggage, bicycles, etc.)

* 18. Do you have a valid driver's license?

* 19. Did you have a car available to make this trip?

* 20. What is your age?

* 21. Do you speak a language other than English at home?

* 22. What gender are you?

* 23. What was your total household income in 2017?

* 24. What is your zip code?