We would like to know which outcomes in the Strategic Call to Action are most important to you. We would also like your ideas for how HCPSS may fulfill or measure your prioritized outcomes.

No personally-identifiable information will be collected and your responses will remain anonymous. Thank you for responding to this survey. 

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* 1. How important to you are each of the Desired Outcomes in the Strategic Call to Action?

  Not at all important Somewhat important Quite important Extremely important
A) Equity and relationships are at the foundation of all decisions and actions.
B) Students' social-emotional learning is nurtured through life skills development and collaborative dialogue, such as restorative practices to solve problems.
C) Graduation rates among all high schools and each demographic group are at exemplary levels.
D) Students graduate with the skills, attributes and knowledge necessary to acquire meaningful and rewarding employment in a dynamic international workplace.
E) All students have equitable opportunities to earn college credit or industry certification.
F) Through collaboration with families and the greater community, all students enter kindergarten ready to learn.
G) Each and every student receives a high-quality education through individualized instruction, challenges, supports and opportunities.
H) High-quality special education services are delivered in a consistent and collaborative manner.
I) Curriculum is based on standards and best practices, implemented with fidelity, and aligned with meaningful assessments that provide actionable data for instructional planning.
J) Students see diversity and inclusion reflected in the curriculum, and respect the contributions of all populations.
K) Staff reflect the diversity of the student and community population.
L) Parents, guardians and community members trust in the integrity of the school system and are active and valued partners.
M) All staff feel valued, are effective in their roles, and have equitable access to additional opportunities through professional learning and leadership development.
N) Organizational culture and climate are supportive and nurturing, and provide a safe and healthy environment for all.
O) All operations and practices are responsive, accountable, efficient and student-centered.

* 2. What, if anything, do you think is missing from the Desired Outcomes?

* 3. What ideas do you have on how HCPSS may fulfill or measure your prioritized outcomes?

* 4. What is your relationship to HCPSS?

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