The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is working with the community to review the water regulations and conservation programs that are part of our Drought Management Plan.

The SCRD and communities across BC utilize Drought Management Plans to manage demand on the drinking water system during dry summer months. A Drought Management Plan is necessary in order to ensure:
  • Everyone has access to drinking water during extended periods of drought, when there is little rain and water demand is high.
  • Water treatment and distribution systems can meet peak demand: the daily maximum water flow and pressure.
  • Water and pressure is maintained for fire protection.
  • Water sources continue to support ecosystem functions.
The SCRD's Drought Management Plan includes regulations on outdoor water uses. Outdoor water uses can more than double water demand in the summer compared to the winter, potentially exceeding the capacity of the water systems. As such, outdoor Water Conservation Regulations are initiated every year on May 1st.

Water Conservation Regulations are implemented in Stages (1 to 4) based on:
  • time of year and typical seasonal trends;
  • snow pack assessments and snow melt forecasts;
  • storage volume of water sources and draw down rates;
  • stream flows and monitoring data;
  • weather, recent conditions and forecasts;
  • and water usage, recent consumption and trends.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with the SCRD. It will be used to further understand community perspectives on water conservation regulations, incentive programs, education, enforcement, and communication.

Information and feedback on water supply expansion and universal metering are not included in the scope of this questionnaire. For further information on current projects visit