READ FIRST: Information about Targeted TA

· Upon request, a limited amount of funding is available to provide follow-up consultation, training, technical assistance or the acquisition of materials/resources needed to accomplish the goals outlined on the local PATH plan.

· South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion will only support concrete, practical, and tangible services and supports that demonstrate some level of sustainability and will additionally have impact on increasing inclusive opportunities and school readiness for preschool children with IEPs.

· Support will be provided on a first-come, first served basis until all resources are expended.

· Funding will NOT be disbursed directly to the applicant. South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion will be the fiscal agent in charge of acquiring, purchasing or contracting for the identified resources and/or supports.

· To be eligible for targeted assistance through South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion, the requesting entity must have attended a District Leadership Day event and must have an existing PATH plan.

· Teams selected for assistance must have a follow-up consultation with South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion.

· The assistance provided through South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion must align with the goals and activities outlined by the leadership teams on their strategic PATH plan.

· A copy of the applying team’s most recent PATH plan must be included with the application submission.

· If a team applied for and received Intensive Support TA previously, the team is still eligible to apply for additional resources and support.

 Collaboration/Reporting Requirements
If selected, your leadership team will be responsible for the following:

· Timely communication. Please note that South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion will not make more than two outreach attempts to follow-up. If your team does not respond to our staff outreach efforts, resource allocation will move to the next team in queue.  

· Development and submission of a 1-2 page summary describing the resources your team secured, how they were utilized to fulfill a goal or activity on your PATH plan and how they positively impacted inclusive opportunities and school readiness for preschool children with IEPs.

Application Process
Submit your application electronically, making sure to meet the deadline that was given. All applicants will be notified of the decision within 2 weeks of the deadline. 

In evaluating each application, South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion will consider the following information:
·       Thoroughness and thoughtfulness of answers.
·       Direct connection to PATH goals
·       Ability for proposed training and technical assistance to in  
        crease inclusive opportunities and school readiness for
        preschool children with IEPs
·       Connection with evidenced-based and best practices literature
        in preschool inclusion

Please answer each of the following questions. We are looking for basic, concrete information and would expect that answers be no longer than a paragraph.

Question Title

* 1. Team Information 

Question Title

* 2. Please list the individuals that serve on your leadership team and their affiliations.

Question Title

* 3. Please list all of the team meetings that you have scheduled. 

Question Title

* 4. Please describe your team's current goals. 

Question Title

* 5. Please check the type(s) of assistance you are requesting:

Question Title

* 6. Please check the Domain Area(s) in which you are requesting assistance: 

Question Title

* 7. Please type a brief description of the assistance you are requesting. Please be as specific as possible. If you are in need of consultation, please describe what your needs are (minimum of 500 words).