Application for membership for schools in 2018

Thank you for your interest in school membership of the AGTV. Schools only need complete an application once. A renewal notice will be sent in subsequent years.

Please complete the application below, notify the AGTV Treasurer when completed ( ) and an invoice will be created for payment. NB: The AGTV Inc. is not registered for the GST and is not required to produce tax invoices.

School membership types based on the current total school enrolment:

Large school - $160 (400+ total school enrolment)
Small school - $100 (90 to 400)
Very Small School - $50 (less than 90)
Interstate School Registration for AGTV-BJR Exchange - $95

NB: The AGTV does not have an office.

With school membership, students at the school will be eligible for member rates of services offered to students, many of which are only offered to students from member schools (Competitions, Year 12 Forum).

Students in Years 9 or 10 can apply for a 10-week reciprocal exchange with a family in Bavaria, Germany. This exchange is organised by the AGTV and Bayerischer-Jugendring and open to any student learning German in a Victorian school.

Only occasional emails or correspondence are forwarded to the school for distribution to all teachers of German. Should teachers wish to receive regular emails and notifications and member rates for professional learning seminars and conferences, an individual membership is recommended.

Payment Options
Bank Transfer - Online via PayPal Express Checkout - Cheque payable to AGTV Inc.

* 1. Name of School (To be used on the invoice we forward)

* 2. Name of Campus (if applicable - one application per campus please)

* 3. School Type

* 4. VSL Centre Applications Only: Please name the centres offering German this year.

* 5. School Postal Address

* 6. Which classes are currently taught German? Tick all that apply.

* 7. What is the school email contact for general enquiries? NB: We require the general school email to forward notices for all teachers of German at the school e.g. info@ - NOT an individual teacher's email.

* 8. What is the school's phone number?

* 9. What is the school website address?

* 10. In which municipal council is this school or campus located?

* 11. What is the estimated total school enrolment at this school or campus?

* 12. Name of a German teacher to be the contact for the AGTV Committee

* 13. Email address of the contact teacher of German?

* 14. Preferred method of payment for the school

* 15. Name and role of the person applying for this school membership (if not the teacher named above)

* 16. Space for other comments or questions

* 17. Interstate Schools ONLY: Name of the Contact Person to liaise with the AGTV-BJR Coordinator if different to the contact teacher of German named above

* 18. Contact email for the AGTV-BJR Liaison person