Professional Development is very important to us at CAA. We strive to create programs both during the Annual Conference and at other times that address the professional needs of the visual arts community.

Please give us your feedback on what kinds of professional development programs would work best for you.

Deadline: July 1, 2018

* 1. Please select up to three choices that best represent your current professional identity.

* 2. Which age group do you fall into?

* 3. What have been the topics of professional development workshops you have recently attended (either digital or in person)?

* 4. Which organizations produce professional development workshops that you attend and like (either digital or in person)?

* 5. Do you take advantage of digital professional development opportunities, such as webinars and online tutorials?

* 6. Do you find those digital professional development opportunities helpful?

* 7. How would you rate professional development workshops you have attended in the past at the CAA Annual Conference?

* 8. Which professional development workshop topics at the CAA Annual Conference have you found to be particularly helpful?

* 9. Which professional development workshop topics would be most helpful to you in your current professional life? Please pick up to two choices.

* 10. We want to approach professional development from all aspects of our members’ lives. Given that, if CAA offered childcare or babysitting services at the Annual Conference, would you use those services?

* 11. If childcare or babysitting services were offered, how frequently would you use those services during the Annual Conference?

* 12. How many children would you drop off in childcare?

* 13. Are there other support services that would assist you professionally at the Annual Conference that CAA might offer?

* 14. Do you take part or have you taken part in any mentorship programs (either digital or in person)?

* 15. If yes, have you found the mentorship program helpful in your career?

* 16. Do you have a preference for digital versus in-person mentorship?

* 17. If digital, what is the name of the platform that facilitates the mentorship program?

* 18. If portfolio review was offered at our Annual Conference, would you take advantage of the service?

* 19. As a professional in the visual arts, what is your ONE most pressing need?