The South Carolina Department of Transportation - Office of Public Transit (SCDOT – OPT) is conducting a study to determine the level of intercity bus demand in the State of South Carolina. This information will be used to update the 2012 South Carolina Intercity and Regional Bus Network Plan, with particular focus on the State’s intercity bus needs and how SCDOT can best utilize its annual apportionment of Federal Section 5311(f) Intercity Bus Program funds.
Intercity bus service is defined as:

"Regularly scheduled bus service for the general public which operates with limited stops over fixed routes connecting two or more urban areas not in close proximity, which has the capacity for transporting baggage carried by passengers, and which makes meaningful connections with scheduled intercity bus service to more distant points, if such service is available." Greyhound and Southeastern Stages are examples of a provider of intercity bus service.

Feeder service is defined as:

“Public transportation service that is designed to pick up passengers in a certain locality, and transport them to a transfer point where they can connect with an intercity bus to extend their trip to another stop on the connecting service.”
To assist in the planning process, you are requested to complete this brief survey. SCDOT is surveying intercity bus carriers, transportation planners, regional economic development professionals, city/county officials, and transportation providers and their customers throughout the State to obtain wide input on potential needs.

For more information please contact:

Charles Glover, RLS & Associates, Inc., Tel.: 919-971-5668, Email:

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Please list all counties in which your public transportation services are provided.

* 3. Please list all intercity bus stations/stops to which you provide service:

* 4. Please describe any other services you operate, such as connections to airports or Amtrak stations.

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