Thank you for your interest in working with SCC Interiors. To better help us meet your design needs, we ask that you complete a questionnaire. This will help us gain a better understanding of your goals and objectives for your project.  It will provide us with your preferred method of communication, your style and lifestyle preferences, and your ideas for your new home. With this information we will be better able to provide you with selections and suggestions that will meet your individual needs.

We suggest that you set aside one hour to make sure you are able to thoughtfully answer each question. Once you have started the questionnaire you must complete the entire survey. If you have a partner that will be sharing in the decision making process, we highly recommend that you complete the questionnaire together.  You may find that in the process you discover more about your own design ideas and expectations for the project.

Where you are unsure about certain questions or where questions are irrelevant to your situation, please simply leave blank and we can address them later. Where you have photographs to illustrate please have those ready at our initial interview. Try to be as specific as possible and comment as much as you like. Clear communication will go a long way to ensuring your vision is attained.

Thank you for your time!

SCC Interiors