On December 1, 1818, Elijah Willits became the first person to purchase land between Detroit and Pontiac, soon to be followed by others who have made Birmingham a truly great place to live.
That makes Birmingham’s 200th Birthday December 1, 2018.  The Birmingham Museum Board is exploring various ways the community can celebrate our history together, including sponsoring a publication that would coincide with the bicentennial.  We do not want to duplicate other books out there—this would be something new. There are many different ways to go about this; your feedback will help us take the right direction. (You do not have to be a Birmingham resident to answer the survey.)

It’s quick, completely secure, and your responses will remain anonymous.  Please note: the survey process has a short lifetime and is over quickly, so don’t delay.  Survey period is September 15 to October 15 2017

* 1. SUBJECT MATTER Please check all of the following that you think should be included in a Birmingham bicentennial publication.

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* 4. PUBLICATION AUDIENCE If we produce one or more publications, who should we try to reach? (Please check all that apply)

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* 6. ABOUT YOU—please check any/all that apply to you and/or your family.

We want to thank you for your time and opinions.  If you would like to get or give more information about the Birmingham Bicentennial Book project, please continue with one additional survey question.  Or, feel free to call the Birmingham Museum at 248-530-1928.

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