Project Overview

Thank you for your participation in our research. The Service Council is a research organization that studies service (customer support, field service, service parts) businesses via surveys like the one below. You can find out more at

About this survey: In our research, we usually poll leaders of service businesses. In field service, that could be the VP of Field Service or someone with similar responsibilities. While it is good to get their perspective in terms of business strategy, this viewpoint might miss what's happening out in the field, as evidenced by front-line field engineers. (Note: we use the term field service engineers. This also includes those who might be called field service associates, agents, professionals, or technicians.)

This survey is broken into 4 sections (36 total questions including demographic questions - 10-12 minutes to complete).
Section 1 focuses on your tenure in field service and your thoughts on the profession (10 Questions)
Section 2 focuses on your likes and dislikes with your current role (7 Questions)
Section 3 focuses on the tools (technology etc.) that are available to support your work (15 Questions)
Section 4 asks you about your company (4 Questions)

About the Data: Your individual responses will be held in strict confidentiality and will not be shared in any form, not to your employer, manager, or the broader Service Council audience. Findings will be published/shared in aggregate form only. If you would prefer, you do not need to enter your name or other contact details.

We appreciate your participation.