Thank you for your interest in volunteering for State Bar of Michigan service. The first appointments will be made from applications received by June 5. Additional appointments will be made throughout the year and your application will be part of that ongoing appointment process. We are grateful to the overwhelming number of members who have expressed interest in supporting the work of the organized bar, and encourage you to continue to follow communications regarding State Bar initiatives throughout the year. Please apply for service now.
Who You Are

These are the essentials. Please help us identify you correctly.

* 1. First Name:

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Your Areas of Interest

Questions 4-7 identify broad areas of interest from the Strategic Plan and then present detailed work opportunities. Your interest areas might be included in more than one strategic goal so look carefully at all four questions before moving past this section. You may choose as many options as you like, but help us understand your priorities by selecting carefully.

Question 8 offers an option for you to provide ideas on other ways you would like to volunteer.

* 4. I am interested in volunteering to support the goal of Professional Standards: SBM maintains the highest conduct among its members, and initiates and advocates for improvements that facilitate accessible, timely justice.
  • Work with our partners to effectively regulate the legal profession in Michigan
  • Educate members on ethical rules and regulations, and adapt them to eliminate barriers to innovation
  • Review ethical rules and regulation, and adapt them to eliminate barriers to innovation
  • Promote respect for diversity as an important element of professionalism
  • Support each active member’s professional competence and continuing professional development
Let's get more specific.  I am especially interested in:

* 5. I am interested in volunteering to support the goal of Public Policy: SBM champions access to justice, and builds public trust and confidence in the justice system in Michigan.
  • Pursue permissible and achievable public policy goals, while minimizing divisiveness and encouraging member input and diverse points of view on public policy issues
  • Encourage improved diversity and inclusion of the profession as a fundamental component of the public’s respect for the rule of law and confidence and trust in the justice system
Let's get more specific. I am especially interested in:

* 6. I am interested in volunteering to support the goal of Communications and Member Services: SBM provides resources to help all of its members achieve professional excellence and success in the practice of law.
  • Help new lawyers to be practice ready
  • Create and maintain an accessible, coordinated online foundation of legal resources for the public
  • Create and maintain greater public awareness and competence around legal issues that affect members
  • Target communications to build awareness of Bar programs/initiatives among members, recipient community
  • Expand opportunities for SBM members to participate in access to justice initiatives through traditional means including pro bono and by partnering with public service organizations, local and affinity bars
  • Provide timely, targeted messages to promote understanding of rule of law, role of judiciary and legal profession
  • Engage members in learning about and implementing innovative delivery methods
  • Promote greater member engagement to connect members with the Bar, its resources, and each other
Let's get more specific. I am especially interested in:

* 7. I am interested in volunteering to support the goal of Implementation and Innovation: SBM structures itself to achieve its strategic goals in a responsive and cost efficient manner.
  • Develop government, member, and administrative structures that provide for broad-based decision making and timely action
  • Employ practices that strengthen SBM’s fiscal position and responsible use of resources
  • Ensure technology infrastructure follows best business practices and is poised to meet the future needs of members and SBM
  • Conduct research and development that promotes innovation and forecasts change
  • Expand collaboration with professional organizations and communities outside of the legal community
Let's get more specific.  I am especially interested in:

* 8. I have another idea for my volunteering with SBM:

Your Qualifications and Experience

We know about your SBM volunteer experience from our records, but invite you to share other information that might help us understand your interests.

* 9. Here is a brief statement about why I wish to serve as a volunteer and what I can contribute:

* 10. I volunteer with these organizations, which are not part of SBM (including local bar associations, communities, or governments):

* 11. These additional qualifications will allow me to be an effective volunteer:

* 12. My ideal volunteer experience is:

* 13. I would like you to know this interesting information about me:

* 14. If you wish to upload a pdf of your resume please do so now. 

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Your Talents and Work Style

This section asks you to help us identify how to make the most of your time and talents.

* 15. I am comfortable using the following styles of communication: (Please check all that apply)

* 16. I rate my technology skills as (1 being able to use e-mail and 10 being a tech wizard): 

I can use e-mail I am able to log in and utilize SBM Connect
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 17. I am particularly skilled at the following: (Please check all that apply)

* 18. I am able to volunteer my time in the following ways: (Please check all that apply)

About Volunteering with SBM

We want to make sure you know these things about volunteer service with SBM.