This is a brief 24 question survey. Statements in this survey are positive. Your response will indicate your opinion for
each item.

* 1. Please choose your school.

* 2. My child’s teachers have high expectations of students.

* 3. The grading practices of my child’s teachers are fair.

* 4. My child’s teachers keep me informed of his/her progress.

* 5. My child’s teachers provide effective feedback on homework assignments.

* 6. My child’s teachers respond in a positive and helping way to parent concerns.

* 7. Communication between parents and teachers is good.

* 8. Parents are welcome to visit the Principal.

* 9. Parents are welcome to visit the Assistant Principal(s).

* 10. The Principal listens to and addresses concerns of parents.

* 11. The Assistant Principal(s) listen to and address concerns of parents.

* 12. School discipline policies and practices are well defined and fairly enforced.

* 13. Teachers confer with parents when there is a discipline problem.

* 14. The Assistant Principal confer with parents when there is a serious discipline problem.

* 15. The Dean confers with parents when there is a serious discipline problem.

* 16. Students are safe at school.

* 17. The school makes student safety a priority.

* 18. Parents are genuinely involved in shaping the goals of the school.

* 19. Parents are provided positive recognition and feedback for participation in school-related activities.

* 20. Our library/media program encourages reading.

* 21. The Guidance Counselor(s) at school is/are available and helpful.

* 22. Our school is clean and well maintained.

* 23. Our school serves nutritious food.

* 24. I would like the opportunity to be involved in the school advisory council, parent teacher organization, etc.