General Information

What is SARTAC?
SARTAC stands for Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center. The center was created to share self advocacy ideas and help others across the country.

What is a Fellowship?
A SARTAC Fellowship is a one-year self advocacy project. The project should help the fellow grow their own skills as a leader. The project might work on finding new ideas to help solve problems many people have. It must end with a report or products others can use after the project is over. You can learn about earlier Fellows’ projects on the SARTAC Fellows' web page.

The Fellow will work on their project about 6 hours each week. SARTAC pays Fellows $5,000 to complete their projects.

When does the Fellowship begin and end?
March 1, 2020 – February 28, 2021

What is a Fellow?
A Fellow is a person chosen by SARTAC to do one of these projects. As a Fellow, you will work with a group called a Host organization. SARTAC will choose 6 Fellows each year. There will be a total of 24 Fellows over 4 years. This is the 4th year SARTAC has offered the Fellowship.

Are there rules about who can be a Fellow?
The Fellow must:
  1. Have been a leader in a group for at least 3 years. This could be for one or more groups. It may have been an elected office or another kind of role. Some examples are chairing an event, starting a new group, or leading changes in your community.
  2. Have not worked for the Host in the past.
  3. Be able to share ideas by writing or typing. The Host can support this when needed.
  4. Be able to join in on monthly calls and connect online with other Fellows and SARTAC leaders. Fellows can participate in conference calls in a way that works for them. For example, the Fellow may type in a group chat during the call or use a video relay service.
  5. Attend and introduce his or her project at the SABE National Self Advocacy Conference. The event will be in Denver, Colorado, October 1-3, 2020. The Fellow or Host will pay the cost to attend. These funds can come from the Fellowship payments if needed.
What is a Host?
A Host is the Fellow’s partner in the project. Hosts will provide in-kind support to help the Fellow meet their goals. This support can be things like staff help to:
  • set goals and timelines
  • assist in planning project actions
  • help with research
  • type materials and reports, including online forms
It may also be:
  • an office to work in
  • use of a computer, camera, or other tools
The Host and Fellow will decide together what the Host will provide. They will write this in the form when they apply. The Fellow and Host can ask for support or assistance from the SARTAC team at any time.

Who can be a Host?
Non-profits, government, or education organizations, like:
  • State Developmental Disabilities Councils
  • Disability or Human Rights Groups
  • Universities or colleges
  • Self Advocacy or Disability Organizations
  • Community Organizations
What else do Hosts need to know?
Hosts are important partners in the Fellowship project. When done well, SARTAC projects add value to the self-advocate, host organization, and the whole movement. They also build work skills that may lead to jobs. In fact, we hope your organization will find the Fellow's work so valuable, you will want to hire them by the end! If you are not able to do so, the Host can be a great reference for the Fellow as they look for a paid role elsewhere that matches their interests and skills.

The Host’s role includes full, long-term support of the Fellow’s project to ensure success. This includes agreeing to:
  • join monthly calls with the Fellow and SARTAC staff
  • confirm that the Fellow has met agreed upon goals before SARTAC pays him or her
Also, the host may want to help the Fellow with their cost to go to the national self advocacy conference to present their project. The conference will be in Denver, Colorado, October 1-3, 2020.

***The Host and Fellow must fill out the Fellowship application form together. If a self advocate has a project idea but needs a Host, SARTAC can help them connect. Please contact Danielle Underwood at (816) 235-5359 to learn more.
What are some ideas for projects?
  • Create a leadership training for your self advocacy organization. Do the training. Share what you learned and how other groups can use it.
  • Write a guide on how to grow a state or local self advocacy group.
  • Study current trends for a policy project. Report what you think will solve problems in disability and employment, closing institutions, health care, or other areas.
  • Plan a training that helps self advocates from different cultures and disabilities who have not had much help before.
  • Learn how to make new partners. Join your group with another kind of group in an advocacy project. Write a guide about what you learned working together. 
  • Do a research project on the history of disability rights in your state. Make a display to tell the story.
  • Plan a large self advocacy event in your state or region and write a guide on how you did it.
What projects are happening now?
The first 6 Fellows started projects in 2017. The second group started in March 2018. Group 3 started in March 2019 and will finish in February 2020. You can read about the past and present Fellows’ projects and find examples of final products on the SARTAC Fellows web page.

SARTAC is looking for new and different ideas!
How do I apply?

Fellows should work side by side with a Host organization to fill out the online form that follows. SARTAC will hold a “how-to” webinar on Wednesday, November 13, 11 am (Central time zone) to answer questions. You will also be able to go back and watch the webinar later. Please see the SARTAC Fellows' web page for full details.

You may wish to use the Word version (also on the Fellows' web page) of the form to help you plan your answers. Then it will be easy to copy and paste the words into the online form.

If you:
  • want to know more about how to do this,
  • have any other questions, or
  • have any problems,
please contact Danielle Underwood at 816-235-5359 or

When is the Deadline to apply?

December 18, 2019, 5 pm (Pacific time).
SARTAC will choose Fellows and contact all applicants by February 13, 2020.

If you have questions, need help or other options to submit your application, please contact Danielle Underwood at: 
  •, or
  • 816-235-5359.
When you are ready to continue: 

Complete the following application by using the "Go to Next Step" button below and entering your information into this form. You will have an opportunity to request a copy of your completed application at the end of the form.