This perception survey is conducted by CSA Research, an independent market research company, on behalf of the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force.

What's this survey about?

We're asking people who buy language services, spoken and sign language interpreters, and companies that offer language services or technology to tell us what they think about using an automated machine (AI) interpreting system instead of a person. We want to know about times you've used machine interpreting and when you think it's okay to use it.

Expect the survey to take 10 to 20 minutes depending on the path you take. We'll share the results for free on the CSA Research website and with other groups working with the Interpreting SAFE-AI Team.
Your Privacy Matters
The information that you provide is confidential. By taking this survey, you allow us to use your answers to study overall trends. We do not share your specific answers in our report, to third parties, or your employer. We do not link the results to your name or email. If you have any questions about how we use this information, please contact us at
Thank you to the organizations and individuals who donated time and resources to scope, fund, and test the survey.