Tell us a bit about you...

Greetings, this survey is designed to help us learn more about our alums. Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools has a unique and enduring mission. Your feedback will help us celebrate our past and plan our future, please take a few minutes to answer the survey and share the links with your former classmates. Whether you attend our schools for one year or 10, we want to hear from you!

* 1. Name

* 2. How many years did you spend in Saudi Aramco Schools?

* 3. What high school did/will you graduate from?

* 4. What year did you graduate from high school?

* 5. What university(ies) are you/did you attend?

Did you know?   In 2016 Saudi Aramco Schools (SAS) was renamed to Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (SAES)