The School Age Care (SAC) program is currently offered in 7 different elementary schools and at Hollywood Recreation Center which serves Hollywood Elementary.  Each year, we provide an opportunity for citizens to express their interest in a program being offered at a public school location.  If you are interested, your feedback is vital to moving forward with beginning a program.  Once there is enough interest (at least 15 families), the school will be contacted for space availability to offer a program.  If space exists and is permitted for use, registration will open March 1 for each school location.  Registration must meet a minimum registration by July 2018 for a program to operate.

To register, families only need to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure a spot for your child(ren).  Registration can be completed online or in-person.  If a program does not receive enough registrations to operate, you will be refunded your deposit.

* 1. Name of the Elementary School your child attends:

* 2. Which type of care option is needed for your child?

* 3. Child's current grade:

* 4. How many children do you have that would utilize this program?

* 5. Parent (Guardian) First Name:

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