Since 2003, ONZ has been sending a team of 16 athletes to compete against the Australian State Teams for the Southern Cross Challenge held during the Australian Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships.  We have won the Challenge trophy every year.

In 2016, an unofficial "invitational" team also toured and competed although the athletes were not part of the Challenge.

In 2018, the team size grew from 16 athletes to 20 athletes including travelling reserves.

Orienteering Australia (OA) have now invited ONZ to bring 2 official teams to compete in the Challenge along with their State teams.

We are now asking parents of young orienteers who were part of the teams in 2018 or whose child/ren may be in the team in the next few years to provide feedback which can help up make the decision on whether to accept this invitation for 2 teams or not.

For the purposes of this survey, 2 teams means a maximum of 40 athletes and up to 8 staff (based on the Australian maximum team size for the Challenge).

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* 1. Please tell us about your child's/children's involvement in the team.

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* 2. Currently ONZ sends one official team.  Do you think this should be expanded to 2 teams?

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* 3. Currently the selection policy for the team size is 16.  Should this be increased to the maximum allowed by OA of 20 athletes?

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* 4. One of the concerns raised by Australian State teams is about the strength of our NZL team compared to their teams. 

Should ONZ send two teams which:

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* 5. The current ONZ travel policy for this team to travel together as a team.  This is both for a number of reasons including safety, equity and team building reasons. 

If 2 teams were to travel to Australia in 2019, and you child was a member of these teams, do you agree to adhere with the requirement to travel as a team in accordance with the policy?

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* 6. The current ONZ athlete contribution for this trip is $1,500 + airfares.  The cost of the tour is subsidised by ONZ by around $100 per athlete.

Over the last few years the total cost of the tour has ranged from $2,115 to $2,600 per athlete and is dependent upon where the competition is held.

This has been based on the costs of previous tours and is reviewed regularly.  Having a set cost for all athletes also creates equity across the team.

This contribution covers the costs of team travel; accommodation, catering, entries (all of which are organised by OA and are the same for the State teams); and insurance.  Airfares include both domestic and international airfares.

Uniforms have been purchased by ONZ and are provided by ONZ for use during the tour at no cost to athletes.

If 2 teams were to travel to Australia in 2019, and your child was a member of these teams, do you agree the current athlete contribution+airfare model is retained?

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* 7. If you answered 'No' to the above question, is this because you believe ..

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* 8. The current team staff consist of a manager and coach, based on 16 athletes.

OA allow their State teams a maximum team size of 20 athletes + 4 staff.

If ONZ was to send 2 teams, we would need to expand the number of team staff to meet a safe athlete:staff ratio.

Would you be willing to ...