Bursary Application Form

The EFL Leadership Bootcamp is an intensive learning experience to enable and empower innovators and influencers to play a leading role in the emerging transition in the Albertan energy system.
To be considered for an EFL Leadership Bootcamp full or partial bursary, please complete the single page application form below.
If you do not require a bursary, you do not need to complete this form - please go ahead and register here.

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* 4. Please share your thoughts on what energy transition means for Alberta and what opportunities exist. (max 100 words)

* 5. How can the Leadership Bootcamp be beneficial to your role and/or interests? (max 100 words)

* 6. The Bootcamp fee is $950. Limited bursaries may be available to support participation from those who might not otherwise be able to attend. Is a partial bursary required in order for you to participate?

* 7. How did you hear about the Energy Futures Lab and the Bootcamp? Please select all that apply.