Welcome to the Annual SSIA Membership Update Form

Thanks for updating your Membership information!
A few important things to keep in mind before you complete the update:
  • Each member is required to fill out a different form for each club or separate market that your membership represents. If your membership represents many clubs/markets and you prefer to enter this info in a spreadsheet for all clubs/markets please email info@ssia.us asap
  • Every piece of information you are being asked to update should be aggregate/totals from 2018. Please include all/only leagues that have ended or will end in 2018 (so even though we are still in 2018, please include participant info for leagues that have started already/in process but are planned to end in 2018)
  • The SSIA will only be using aggregate info from this update (totals) to provide more value to Members. Some examples of this are internal industry reports, trends, benchmarking and sponsorship opportunities. We also use it for PR efforts to draw more attention and awareness to Social Sports. 
  • All fields in this form are required so please do your best to estimate figures in the absence of internal automated reporting capabilities.
  • Please email info@ssia.us with any questions and thanks again for fulfilling this membership requirement!