Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area

Thank you for participating in one of our mentoring programs. Your experience and input is very valuable to us. Please answer all of the questions as honestly as you can and know that there are no right or wrong answers.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Date Survey Completed:

* 4. Program Type

* 5. District/Area

* 6. Your Gender

* 7. Mentee's Name

* 8. Mentee's Gender

* 9. Mentee's Age

* 10. Number of Years Mentoring this youth:

* 11. About Your Mentee:
Please select the answer that best reflects change in this mentee within the context of her/her match with you.

  Not True at All Somewhat True Very True Not Applicable
My Mentee has been able to talk more about situations he/she is facing.
My Mentee has made more positive improvements since we started meeting.
My Mentee tried something new this year.

* 12. During the mentorship period,

  Agree Somewhat Agree Undecided Somewhat Disagree Disagree
My mentee has developed more confidence.
My mentee has developed new interests.
My mentee has developed a more positive attitude.
My mentee gets along better with other children/youth.
My mentee gets along better with adults.
My mentee is more open to trying new activities.
My mentee appears to be doing better in school

* 13. As a Mentor,

  Agree Somewhat Agree Undecided Somewhat Disagree Disagree
I try to do things with my mentee that he/she really wants to do.
I am very satisfied with the mentoring relationship my mentee and I have developed.
My mentee is open to listening to my point of view
My mentee knows that I care about them, even if they do things I do not approve of.
I look forward to the time I spend with my mentee.
My relationship with my mentee is important to me.
I feel that my mentee trusts me.
I feel I am making a difference in my mentee's life.

* 14. Overall, how would you rate your experience of mentoring?

* 15. Please check the response that is most true for you.

  Agree Somewhat Agree Undecided Somewhat Disagree Disagree
I received enough information about the program before I began mentoring.
I received enough information about my mentee.
I think my Mentee and I are well matched.
I received enough mentor training before meeting with my mentee.
I receive regular mentor support.
I am satisfied with the amount of interaction with the agency staff facilitator.
I would like to connect with other mentors.
I would like to have ongoing training and skill development with other mentors.
This volunteer experience is something that I will add to a resume.
I would recommend mentoring with BGCBigs to others.

* 16. Which of the following best describes how decisions are usually made about how you and your Mentee will spend your time together (Can only choose one response)

* 17. Please describe any changes you have observed in your Mentee since being matched to him/her.

* 18. How has this experience as a Mentor impacted you?

* 19. What could the agency do differently to improve the mentoring experience for all mentors?