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Update February 2020: We are currently at capacity and not accepting new scholars into the program at this time. You may submit your application to be added to our waitlist. For more information regarding admissions, please email b.jacksonpardo@pssoc.org Thank you for your understanding!
Please carefully review the eligibility criteria before applying:
  • Very low or extremely low income according to HUD income limits for household size.
  • A single parent of a minor child. Not living with a romantic partner, significant other, or parent of the child, even if separated/divorced.
  • Have at least 50% physical and legal custody of at least one minor child under the age of 18.
  • Enrolled in an accredited community college, four-year university, or vocational program AND have completed at least one semester (or equivalent).  
  • Meet the minimum enrollment requirements:
    • Not employed, or working under 10 hours per week: 12-semester units (or equivalent)
    • Employed 10-20 hours per week: 9-semester units (or equivalent)
    • Employed 21 or more hours per week: 6-semester units (or equivalent)
    • Exceptions: Applicants may submit documentation (i.e. disability, etc) that explains why they may be enrolled below minimum enrollment requirements.
  • Have a 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • Have not completed a bachelor's degree before. 
  • Have a source of income (employment, cash aid, etc).
  • Live, work, or attend college in Orange County, CA 
Note: Meeting minimum eligibility requirements is not a guarantee of admission. Please contact us with any questions regarding eligibility.

There are two steps to apply:

Part 1: Complete online application
Part 2: Submit supporting documentation:
  • Unofficial transcripts for the past 2 years that shows your grades and current class schedule
  • Income verification
    • i.e. pay stubs, cash aid, financial aid, Social Security, child support, etc.
  • 1-page personal essay
    • Please describe your educational goals and plan for accomplishing them, note any obstacles you have overcome, and how PSS will help you accomplish your goals
  • Two letters of recommendation from an employer, former employer, educator, counselor, agency representative, case manager, or equivalent
  • Monthly Household Budget - including sources of income and expenses
    • You can upload your own template/document or visit our website for a sample template.

Incomplete applications without all supporting documentation will not be processed. Upon receipt of your completed application including supporting documentation, applicants can expect a response within 2 weeks. Please have all the information and documents ready before starting the application as you will not be able to save your answers.

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