We strive to practice anti-racism and recognize our own need to do better. The first step is unequivocally affirming our stance against racism and inequality. ArtPride supports those protesting the structural racism that plagues our country, and stands in solidarity with our Black artists, audiences, colleagues, and partners. As we work to elevate and empower creativity, we do so because the arts give voice to the marginalized and bring people together to celebrate our differences. The arts are a powerful tool for social justice and education, and we will continue to listen and learn.

As a service organization, it is ArtPride’s responsibility to lead the charge and to identify necessary steps to best serve our members around these important issues. Your answers to these questions will help us better serve our members and the New Jersey arts community.


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Statement of Confidentiality for Participation

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Right to Ask Questions

You can ask questions about this assessment in confidence. Questions concerning this project should be directed to:

LB Hannahs                                                             Sujata Chaudhry
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Project Lead                                                            Project Supervisor
Tangible Development, LLC                                 Tangible Development, LLC                 
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