Welcome to the Global Mindset Growth Assessment

This assessment explores your ways of thinking and interacting, and gives you detailed feedback on your possible impact on others. By highlighting your strengths and development areas, the assessment can help you set specific targets for your personal development journey and help you improve your effectiveness in your role.

The assessment should take between 25-35 minutes to fill out. Make sure to be located in a quiet place without any interruptions while completing the assessment.

Your responses will be handled with confidentiality and will only be shared with you. When you have completed the survey, Global Mindset will produce your individual report and forward it to you.

- Consider to what degree each statement describes you
- Be as open and honest about yourself as possible
- Please complete the full assessment, as the results will not be valid otherwise

If you have any questions about the assessment, please email us: surveys@growthmindset.dk

All the best,
The Global Mindset Team

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