We are working to protect Edmonton's two water treatment plants (E.L. Smith and Rossdale) from the impacts of a one in 500 year flood. In the event of a major flood, we want to ensure we limit potential damage to the facilities and can resume water treatment to the community as quickly as possible afterwards. The results of our preliminary engineering and design studies show that permanent flood barriers will be needed in key locations around each water treatment plant to ensure that the drinking water supply for Edmonton (and the surrounding areas) is protected. 

We want to know more about how you use the space around each water treatment plant – and what you would like us to consider as we plan how these flood barriers will look and be experienced by the communities connected to these areas. Your input will be used alongside technical requirements for the project to create designs that are aligned with community values, are suitable for the specific water treatment plant site, are mindful of costs to water ratepayers and minimize our environmental footprint.

For more information about EPCOR's flood protection plans and the self-guided walking tours please visit epcor.com/elsmith or epcor.com/rossdale

If you have questions about this survey please contact us at waterprojects@epcor.com

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