Printed Electronics Benchmark Study

Cal Poly and Semi/FlexTech to Publish Printed Electronics Benchmark Study

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) has been commissioned to develop a benchmark study forecasting the technology development for various printed electronics applications over the next ten years.

We are interviewing technology professionals from companies producing flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) to determine the current state and projected improvements in performance and reliability for various functional products and components, including:
Antenna All types of printed flexible antenna
Audio speakers Piezoelectric or other flexible audio application
Batteries Primary and secondary flexible cells
Energy harvesting Photovoltaic, Thermoelectric, Piezoelectric and other forms of flexible energy harvesting
Graphics w/ embedding electronics Graphic printing with integrated conductives on flexible substrates
High-performance flex circuits Micro-ohm flex circuits, whether printed, cu-clad flex, advanced packaging, wafer integrated systems, etc.
Integration/assembly technologies SMT to flex and other hybrid flex approaches
Printed passives Printed RLC components
Sensors All different types of flexible sensing technologies
Testing technologies Reliability and electrical testing for flex

We are particularly interested in companies who use printed components in the manufacturing of these products today, or who anticipate doing so in a 10-year horizon, whether that be a small component or the entire device. We also wish to speak with companies who supply raw materials to manufacturers in this space.

Why Should You Participate?
Your participation will help FHEs by developing a strong technical direction in this forecast. Innovation is best facilitated with a realistic view of the ecosystem. Your company can help set the direction for this emerging field.

In addition, as a participant, you will receive a complimentary copy of the executive summary.

All responses will be presented in aggregate form unless you explicitly give permission to be quoted at the conclusion of this survey. Please note that a list of participating companies will be included in the report.