The State of the Sector

A series of community consultations on the preservation and conservation of BC’s history and heritage.

In collaboration with the Heritage Branch, Heritage BC is exploring the influences and practices, values and vision of heritage in the context of community life.

To gather information, Heritage BC will visit many communities to bring people together to share ideas and aspirations related to heritage and other disciplines. 

This survey is based on the format developed for the community consultations. There are eight themes, each supported by a series of questions that have been developed to help you consider your response to the themes. You do not need to answer each question. While the length of the survey will be determined by the length of your responses, we estimate the survey will take 12-15 minutes.

Thank you for your interest and for contributing to this process. We appreciate your time and your consideration in providing your responses.

With thanks,

Heritage BC

PS  The survey is open to anyone, so please feel free to forward the survey link to your colleagues.