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Review the following Climate scenario and select the correct answer(s) based on the insight gained from the Increasing Women in Neuroscience course. This question was adapted from the Stewardship Workgroup of the University of Arizona ADVANCE program.  

Janet, an assistant professor, has been asked by Mark and Tom to join a team submitting a grant proposal that has a required component on faculty and/or student diversity. They tell her that they really need her to be part of the team to legitimate the proposal. When she asks when they will meet next, Mark replies that he just needs her CV and asks if she can work on the logistics of the site visit with the department admin, and that she won’t need to attend any meetings. She asks about the budget and Mark replies that he is working that out with Tom. Janet is feeling that something is amiss.

What are the most important things the group could do to make Janet feel more included in the process? (Check all that apply)