Canadian Blind Sports Association

This survey has been developed by the Canadian Blind Sports Association as a part of a project, funded through Sport Canada, to develop a resource for athletes of all ages, who are blind or who have low vision, their families, and those who work with, and support them in sport and physical activity programs. This resource will be available through Canadian Sport for Life as a supplement to the Long Term Athlete Development program, and will address the specific needs of individuals who are visually impaired as they pursue sports and other physical activities, on a competitive basis, or for recreation and enjoyment.

You are receiving this survey, either because you are a person (and perhaps an athlete) who is blind or visually impaired or a member of their family; or because you are involved in working either with individuals who are visually impaired and/or in the sports and recreation community.

It is expected that persons who are blind or visually impaired will complete the survey for themselves. However, for some children and youths, as well as for some adults who have additional disabilities, it may be appropriate for a parent or relative to complete the survey on their behalf.

By participating in this survey, you will be providing valuable input into the creation of a resource that we hope will benefit anyone who is visually impaired who is, or wants to be, involved in sports and physical activity, as well as those people in the community who support their participation, as coaches, instructors, or specialists in blindness and visual impairment.

Depending on how question 1 is answered, participants with be directed to “Path A”, for those who selected a, “Path B”, for those who selected b, or “Path C”, for those who selected c.

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