The City of Russellville needs your help and input!

The City is preparing an update to the Recreation, Parks, and Open Space Master Plan. This document helps Russellville set priorities for parks, recreation facilities, trails, and open spaces for the next 10 years. As a concerned citizen, the City takes your views about parks very seriously. Please take some time to answer this survey about parks and recreation. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Encourage your family members, co-workers, and friends to participate in this important survey as well!

Instructions: Please answer the questionnaire with your opinions.  If your family members, co-workers, or friends would like to complete the survey, you can direct them to the Russellville Recreation and Parks webpage where they can find a link to direct them to the survey. Also, if a physical survey is preferred, additional copies can be picked up at the City Offices (203 S. Commerce Ave.) and returned to the City offices (Attention: Terry Thomas) once complete. For each question, check the one box that is closest to your opinion unless instructions say, “Check all that apply.”

All survey answers will remain confidential and your information will not be sold or used for solicitation.