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Thank you for taking the first step to registering your School's interest in offering the NAB RunWest RUN FIT Program.

This form should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and will collect vital information for the delivery of the NAB RunWest RUN FIT Program by an Athletics Australia Accredited Coach.

If you encounter any problems along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 

Once you have completed this form, please keep an eye out in your inbox for a confirmation email from NAB RUNWEST notifying of your School Community creation, along with any further applicable information relating too. If you do not receive this email within 2 working day (48 hours), please do reach via the email address above ( and tell us to 'run faster'. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your school will be unable to receive the NAB RunWest RUN FIT Program unless it is signed up as a NAB RunWest School’s Community Fundraiser.
  • To see if your school is on the list; Click Here
  • If your School is not yet registered; Click Here (you will be able to complete the School’s Community Fundraiser and the RUN FIT Registrations in one susynced Form).

We look forward to seeing your School (and you of course) out in force at NAB RUNWEST.

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