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The Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) is currently conducting the Route 106 Corridor Study.  The study area includes Route 106 in the Towns of Kingston, Plympton, Halifax, East Bridgewater, as well as Route 106 in West Bridgewater (partially from West Bridgwater Center and Route 28 to the east Bridgewater Town Line). The purpose of this study is to evaluate existing and future traffic conditions as well as bicycle, pedestrian, public transit, parking, and land use conditions.  

This survey provides the opportunity for community input regarding mobility needs, quality-of-life, safety, and environmental issues.

By filling out this survey, you are making a statement about your community's needs. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete this survey.

Thank you for your participation and interest in your community – we look forward to your comments.

* 1. At what intersection or location do you experience congestion or delays within the Route 106 Corridor, what Town(s)?

* 2. What time period do you typically experience traffic congestion?

* 3. How much delay do you usually experience at this location and at what time of the year?

* 4. What do you believe is the root cause for congestion and delay?

* 5. What improvements for safety and convenience do you think should be made in the study area for better walking and bicycling conditions?

* 6. What is the most important safety issue(s) on Route 106 (for vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, or other), and what do you think are the best solutions to address the issue?

* 7. Thank you for taking part in our survey. Please contact OCPC to request more information on our study.  Please leave us your name and email to receive more information.