The Village of Roscommon is currently working to update its Master Plan. We hope you will take the time to fill out the survey in order to participate in the public input portion of the plan. The Planning Commission highly values the opinions of those who choose to live here full-time or part-time. From your opinions; we will update our goals, objectives and action strategies for our Village. Gathering public input is vital to the planning process, so we thank you for your time! This survey consists of 36 questions which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you are filling out a printed version of this survey, please return to the Roscommon Village Offices. The survey will close on July 31, 2018. Thank you!

* 1. Please indicate your residency status:

* 2. Please indicate your property interest in the Village of Roscommon (mark all that apply):

* 3. How long have you lived or owned property in the Village of Roscommon?

* 4. What is your age group?

* 5. What is your primary occupation?

* 6. If working, where do you work?