Welcome to the Ripley Library Development Survey!

The Bruce County Library Board is committed to the long term usage of Library space in Ripley since usage rates are very high. The Ripley Library building is owned by the Township of Huron-Kinloss, and rents the space to the Bruce County Library Board. The existing Ripley Library building does have an accessibility problem (washroom) and limited space issues (750 square feet is the existing space of Library). The estimated square footage of any proposed Library renovation or addition for the population serviced by the Ripley Library is 2500 square feet (minimum) as per guidelines for Rural / Urban Public Library systems.

Township of Huron-Kinloss Council has approved Municipal staff to work with Library staff to distribute a survey to all residents of Huron-Kinloss, and to all users of the Ripley Library to determine the preferred option for the future development of the Ripley Library.

The CEO of the Bruce County Library would like to add: “Thanks to the hard work and commitment of library staff, the 55+ website was launched, providing an information portal for residents and visitors. The Library staff introduced robotics and Minecraft kits to patrons of all ages and continued to provide literacy programs in every corner of the county. Library staff is focused on achieving the strategic goals of providing the information, knowledge and entertainment resources you need to achieve your goals, foster your interests, and realize your dreams. Whether you visited one of the 17 branches, borrowed a fishing pole, or downloaded an eBook from the comfort of your home. Library staff couldn’t accomplish any of this without the support of the communities, volunteers, board members, county staff, and county council. Thank you for your support - Melissa Legacy Director / CEO of the Bruce County Library and all Library Staff.

Any future developments would be under the assumption that grant funding be secured for any option with the exception of remaining status quo.
Please take a few minutes to complete our survey, which will help us to determine the best path forward.

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