1. Become a Beauty Review Expert Reviewer

Beauty Review is NZ's largest beauty review database, where you can read and WRITE reviews on thousands of beauty products.  We're eliminating bad beauty buys, one review at a time!

One of the cool things we do is run trial teams, where we send out full sized products, for free, in exchange for well-written, honest reviews.

We select reviewers from our Expert Review Panel - these are proven reviewers who will absolutely perform the duties of a product tester - from using the products diligently and as directed, to writing thorough, honest and fair reviews, on time.

If you'd like to become an Beauty Review Expert Reviewer and join our selection pool for free full sized product trials, from reknowned brands, you'll first need to have a record of at least thirty reviews placed via your Beauty Review account.

You'll then need to fill out this survey in it's entirety. 

We'll get back to you within 10 working days to let you know if you have been successful, and if you haven't, we'll let you know why too.

We look forward to reading your reviews and experiences!

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* 2. Have you placed 30 or more reviews on Beauty Review?

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