Thank you for sharing with the AGA the impact of budget cuts and sequestration on your research.

We plan to use findings from this survey as part of an advocacy campaign urging Congress to recommit to more stable funding.

This is your chance to tell your story! In the free-response areas, please share details that will illustrate to Congress the real-world impacts of budget cuts to biomedical research.

We won't share your story without your permission. Be sure to include your contact information at the end of the survey so that we can follow up with you directly.

AGA sent this survey to all our members in research. Urge your colleagues to take the survey - just forward them a link to this page.

Thanks for your time,
The AGA Public Affairs and Advocacy Committee & the AGA Institute Research Policy Committee

* 1. Because of reduced federal funding of research, I have:

  Yes No
Had the total amount of a grant reduced.
Had the length of a grant reduced.
Had a grant discontinued.
Turned patients away from a trial.
Been unable to purchase lab equipment needed to complete research projects.
Reduced the scope of a project.
Been forced to dispose of lab animals that have become too expensive to maintain.
Closed a laboratory.
Abandoned a research project.
Failed to pursue an exciting new observation that could lead to potential treatments and cures.
Decided not to take on new students, fellows or postdocs for training.

* 2. Regarding staffing, reduced federal funding has meant that I have:

  Yes No
Put a freeze on hiring new staff.
Reduced staff salaries.
Spent less time on research and more time on clinical work or teaching.
Laid off staff.
Lost my job.

* 3. Because of reduced federal research funding, I fear that:

  Yes No
The U.S. will lose our leadership position in biomedical research.
Patient care will ultimately suffer.
There will be a brain drain of researchers leaving the field.
I will have to leave research.
I will not be able to produce results required to obtain tenure.

* 4. To fill the gap in federal research funding, I have:

  Yes No
Submitted grants to non-government funders.
Advocated that Congress take action.
Spent more time applying for grants from federal and non-federal sources.

* 5. What’s your level of anxiety about the future of research?

* 6. I would advise others to pursue careers in research.

* 7. I would like to participate in an AGA campaign to fight research cuts.

* 8. Please share your name and contact information so that AGA can follow up about our advocacy campaign:

* 9. Type of research I do:

* 10. Grant type