Okanagan Humane Society Registered Charity #8888 17269 RR 0001

OHS will work with members of the community to provide rescue support, access to low/cost spay, neuter, vaccination and de-worming, tattoo or microchip for rescued cats and dogs through partner veterinary clinics. Please provide food, water and shelter while waiting for assistance.

A volunteer will contact you by email or phone - within 24 -48 hours (check Junk mail )
Please call the  BC SPCA Cruelty Dept. at 1-855-622-7722 or RCMP  911 - for animal emergencies, including neglect, cruelty, violence, or evidence of kitten or puppy mills and hoarding situations.

Kittens and scared, tame adults are fixed and rehabilitated in foster then rehomed. Truly feral (unsocialized) cats and kittens are also fixed and assessed for adoptability. Some feral adult cats are released back to the area they came from after recovery when deemed safe for them to be cared for there.

OHS is 100% donation and volunteer based. To donate  toward your rescue report please visit  https://okanaganhumanesociety.com/donate
Donations are tax deductible and go directly to medical costs for rescued animals.   
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