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RENAISSANCE project developed the following questionnaire to assess social acceptance of renewable energies and innovative community-based production and consumption models.

We invite you to complete this survey to collect your experience and views regarding:
  • General awareness of environmental and energy issues
  • Awareness of european, national and local policies
  • Individual decision making
  • Perceived risks and benefits
  • Impact of social context on energy supply choices
  • Acceptance of innovative technologies and services
The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 


This survey is being conducted as part of the RENAISSANCE Project funded by the European Union. RENAISSANCE project works to deliver a community-driven, scalable and replicable approach for implementing new business models and technologies that support clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communities. In this way, it supports the shift from technology-driven  to consumer-driven approaches.


Your participation in this study is fully voluntary and all data collected will be treated confidentially. The research outputs resulting from this work will only include collated data, without the possibility for anyone to identify your individual answers. The survey does not require you to provide any information that could identify you personally (e.g., your name). If, whilst completing the survey, you wish to withdraw, please just close the browser without submitting your answers.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the RENAISSANCE project results, please contact us at info@renaissance-h2020.eu

Visit the RENAISSANCE project at www.renaissance-h2020.eu

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