Remitly's online money transfer service, available at, enables thousands of people to conveniently send money from the United States to the Philippines every month. Since educational support is among the most important reasons that our customers send money back home, Remitly created the Remitly Scholars program to give back to the Filipino community that we serve.

The Remitly Scholars provides direct monthly financial assistance of USD$100 per month over the course of 4 months to qualified students to enable them to pursue their educational and professional dreams.


The Remitly Scholars Program is open to any resident of Philippines who will be enrolled at a participating institution of higher education and who meets the following scholarship eligibility criteria:
- Full-time student enrolled at a participating institution
- Participating institutions are currently limited to: Mapua Institute of Technology and University of the Philippines (College of Education, College of Engineering, and College of Arts and Letters)
- GPA of at least B (or equivalent) in the previous school year
- No individual grades below C+ (or equivalent)
- Submission of completed scholarship application
- Agreement to the scholarship Terms and Conditions 
- Agreement to receive scholarship payment directly 
- Intent to complete higher education program on time
Winners will be selected based upon meeting program eligibility requirements and the contents of their application statement. No purchase or service to Remitly is required.

Application deadline: January 31, 2023