Reinstate JobKeeper

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It's time Scott Morrison and the Liberal/National Government reinstate Job Keeper Workers are doing it tough. Lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions mean working people across Australia are struggling to make ends meet.

The current support payments offered by the Federal Government don't provide any connection between the employee and the workplace. They do nothing to prevent further job losses or stand-downs - so they do nothing to reduce stress for working families.

The Government must reinstate JobKeeper to save jobs and reduce stress on workers and industry.

There is only one reason we are in lockdown - the Federal Morrison Government's vaccine rollout failure.

This failure has left millions of workers at risk. The Government must support them by reintroducing Jobkeeper.
If the Government chooses not to reinstate Jobkeeper they are hanging businesses, workers, and the economy out to dry. 

Scott Morrison must urgently reinstate JobKeeper. Workers need financial support they can rely on.

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