All credentialed members must comply with recertification policies by December 31 of their reporting cycle. Members who do not comply will be placed on Inactive Credential status. Members can also choose Elected Inactive status (click here for details). Tri-annual recertification compliance has been streamlined, making the process easy to complete relative to your specific area(s) of practice, while also making it flexible for you to meet the 60-point/60 CPE-hour (1 point=1 hour of CPE) requirement by December 31. Tri-annual recertification compliance also requires a $300 recertification fee, which can be waived by taking Recommended CPE Bonus Point Programs.

Please complete the information below and submit to NACVA by the last day of your reporting cycle.
Sections I, II, and III are required. Section IV is optional.

* Section I: Your Information

* NACVA Member Number

* Credential(s):

Section II: Professional Status/Conduct
All Members must attest to adhering to the Professional Status/Conduct questions.

* If you are a CPA, do you hold a current CPA License?

* Have you ever been convicted of any felony or any crime carrying a punishment of time in prison, whether or not time was served?

* Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (lying, cheating, stealing, or other dishonest conduct) or any equivalent crime in any court of law?

* Have you ever had any professional/business license, professional certification, or professional membership revoked, refused, or suspended (other than for non-payment of dues)?

NACVA reserves the right to refuse membership and/or certification to any person. A NACVA member or holder of a NACVA certification may have his or her membership or certification terminated based on appropriate grounds therefore as determined by the Executive Advisory Board.
Section III: Attestation
Effective October 1, 2017, members only need to attest to having completed 60 hours of “Applicable” CPE credits in their three-year recertification cycle to comply with NACVA’s reporting requirements, and pay the $300 tri-annual administrative and processing fee along with this Attestation. Reporting courses taken in Section IV is optional, though we recommend you track this information, if not here, in your personal records. To waive a portion of, or the entire $300 fee, you must have taken NACVA’s Recommended CPE Bonus Point Programs and report those and your other Applicable CPE in Section IV below. The Attestation below is your validation that the CPE reported in Section IV is applicable to your NACVA designation, or if not reported, it can be substantiated if you are asked to do so.

* Please attest that the information provided above is true and accurate.

* Signature (Enter your full name and date to provide your electronic signature attestation)

* Section IV: Please select your recertification option (Optional)
For more information on Tri-Annual Recertification Policies and Recertification Options, view the brochure here.