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Please note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), player appearance requests remain on-hold until further notice.

The Canberra Raiders are more than just a football team, we evolved from humble beginnings as a country footy club and are a true reflection of our country identity with a strong sense of community and local connection.

We build our legacy on what we achieve on and off the field. We give to the community that gives so much to us and we support local clubs, community organisations, charities and individuals and do more for those who need our help.

The Canberra Raiders comprise of not only the elite and development teams but also the five (5) licensed clubs, known as the Raiders Group who provide an important link to our local communities and our history.

Community requests received from organisations or individuals outside the Greater Canberra Region and who are not aligned with the Club directly or through affiliation may not be successful. We spread our support throughout the region evenly and will not repeat donations on an annual basis.

Due to the volume of community requests we receive, unfortunately we cannot approve every request.

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All community requests are subject to our selection process. 

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