The purpose of this survey is to gain feedback from residents to highlight community priorities, trends and concerns and will guide the decision makers during their Budget deliberations. Thank you for taking the time to provide meaningful and constructive feedback.

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* 1. What is your primary connection to Neepawa?


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* 2. Your yearly property taxes reflect a split between the Town of Neepawa Municipal Taxes and School Taxes.

For every $1.00 you pay in taxes, the Town keeps approximately 64 Cents to spend on Municipal services, the balance is forwarded for the purposes of education (schools).

Generally thinking about the services you receive with the Municipal portion of taxes - what value do you feel you get for your 64 Cents?  Please select one.

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* 4. Please pick your top TWO (2) priorities that you feel that Council should focus on for the upcoming Budget:

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Many times Council is asked "Why don't you resurface the roads, they are horrible?!"

  • On average, Council allocates $450,000 for road construction/repair/resurfacing annually.
  • Cost to resurface ONE block of road (average length):  $130,000.00 (approx)
  • Cost to upgrade sewer & water infrastructure underneath that same block:  $250,000.00 (approx)

Simple solution - resurface the road.

Not so simple solution - the aging water & sewer infrastructure underneath that road most often needs to be upgraded as well - thus minimizing and avoiding the necessity to rip up and damage a newly resurfaced road when sewer & water infrastructure fails.  That one block of road now costs around $380,000.

What services would you cut/reduce, in order to increase the road budget?

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* 6. What do YOU feel would be acceptable ways to increase or improve spending on Municipal Services?

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* 7. Council uses public funds to provide Grants annually to support various local organizations and projects.  

Do you agree or disagree with the Town utilizing taxpayer funds to provide Grants, and tell us why!

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* 8. Regionally, our Recreation facilities serve the Residents of Neepawa, as well as hundreds of residents of the surrounding Municipalities (not including visitors/tourists)

This includes the Pool, Parks & Playgrounds, Pickleball, Tennis, Basketball, Flats Rinks & Changeroom, Multi-Use Trail Park, Campground, Library, and a large Grant to the Yellowhead Centre.

Neepawa residents pay approx $100 per household, per year to maintain these services, with limited funding support from other jurisdictions or their users.

Suggest how these costs can be equalized with our neighboring Municipalities or non-resident users?

We want to improve public engagement with residents.  We want you involved, we want to hear from you, we want you to participate!

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* 9. Which public engagement processes did you participate in during the past year?  Check all that apply.

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* 10. How do you prefer to get your Town related (non-urgent) information?

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* 11. If you need a QUESTION ANSWERED or wish to FILE A COMPLAINT, what would be your preferred method to contact the Town?

(Note:  Social media is not monitored for questions/complaints.)

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* 12. Over the last 12 months, have you had personal contact (in-person/phone/email) with a Town of Neepawa employee or Member of Council?

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* 13. During your most recent contact with an employee or member of Council, what type of service or information were you seeking?

Grease is the word.... well, actually, Grease is the problem!!

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* 15. Improper grease disposal remains a big issue.  

  • Running hot water while putting grease down the drain will prevent blockages.  Wrong: The pipes are cool underground, causing the grease to harden and cling to the walls.
  • Using Dawn Power Wash or other dish soap while putting grease down the drain will prevent blockages.  Wrong:  No product prevents grease from hardening in the cold pipes.
  • This is a culture issue. Wrong: This issue is not limited to any particular area or homeowner in Town – we have traced it back to the young, the elderly, large homes and small homes.
  • The Town doesn’t educate people about this.  Wrong:  We educate via water bill and tax notice inserts, newspaper, website, Facebook, videos, direct email.
  • The Town knows which house the grease comes from. Wrong:  We can narrow it down to a few homes or a block of them, but not an individual home, without televising individual lines.
  • Grease blockages cause sewage to back up into homes costing YOU $$$.
  • Staff are taken away from other critical tasks almost daily, to clear grease from the lines.
  • Blockages cause extreme damage to our very expensive infrastructure (sewer lines, etc).
  • Our Vac Truck used to clear the lines, needs replacement - at a cost of approx $600,000.
  • All this costs you, the taxpayer of Neepawa, year over year.

How to resolve this issue and expense? 
  • Issue a penalty to all homeowners within the identified offending area. 
  • Appeal process:  Staff will televise your line from within your home. (a benefit for you as well!). 
  • No grease = no penalty.
  • Grease present = penalty remains.
Do you feel this would be an acceptable way to deal with this growing and expensive issue?


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* 16. Are you a frequent recycler?
("Frequent" meaning you generally recycle most items when you can)

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* 17. Thinking about recycling, what do you feel is the biggest challenge/barrier to recycling for yourself?

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* 18. Help us to help you - Do you have any suggestions as to how we can help you recycle more effectively?

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* 19. We utilize ALL-NET - an Information and Emergency Notification System.
This allows us to deliver critical messages via phone, text or email.

If you haven't signed up - please complete to enter the Draw! 
If you are already signed up, thank you - please update everything to enter the Draw!

Prize Choices:  Week of camping; or Week of swimming; or Fleece Jacket; or $50 Water Bill Credit.


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* 20. Do you have any further thoughts that will be helpful in developing our Budget?  Feel free to also share constructive feedback or even shout-outs for someone who went above & beyond!

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback to Council!