RES Forum Survey

Dear RES Members,

Global Mobility teams in multinational companies (MNCs) are between a rock and a hard place. Employers become increasingly cost and risk conscious relating to international hiring, whilst employees are considering more and more carefully the advantages they can gain from working abroad.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have heightened the sensitivity of key global talent to the downsides of working abroad while fewer real global opportunities might be available.

What will motivate people to return to international work? Do multinational corporations have to throw even more money at international candidates in order to compensate for higher perceived dangers and inconveniences? Notwithstanding immigration & border controls, regulated health checks etc, what will it take to work through a new set of barriers to overseas working for those still feeling a sense of Wanderlust?

This RES Forum research explores the pertinent issues that illuminate employee engagement in global mobility. In particular, we are investigating the changes between the pre-COVID-19 situation and the time when the pandemic is ‘under control’ i.e. when vaccines reduce the need for restrictions in public and professional life.

The forms that employee engagement can take will be a key to understanding how to equip the GM function for success in a post-pandemic world.

We expect that filling out the survey will take approximately 10 minutes (really depending on how much you want to write in the open questions at the tail end) and very much appreciate your support


The RES Forum team