This Assessement Tool is designed to provide educators with a method to assess the alignment to the skills and competencies industry users suggest that entry-level geospatial Technician/Technologist occupations should include. The skills and competencies identified in the Department of Labor's Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM) and the Meta_DACUM outcome carried out by the GeoTech Center provide the basis of the list of skills and competencies. Matrix rows list competencies and critical work functions expressed in a modified Bloom's taxonomy format. Columns can be filled in for each course at the institutions by ranking the depth that each competency is covered in the institutions programs. Each competencies should be given a a depth value of how it is or is not included in the course being assessed. See the classification table below for scale explanations. It is suggested that each faculty member fill in this worksheet for each course they teach and rankings compared. This Assessment Tool can also be used for student or faculty self-assessment to help the individual identify their own strengths and weaknesses. No individual are likely to have a depth of knowledge for all competencies. The digital copy of this worksheet is found at

0. – no knowledge of the topic.
1. – little knowledge of the topic
2. – working knowledge of the topic
3. – feel fairly knowledgeable of the topic
4. – believe I have expertise of the topic

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