The City is updating its 2010 Town Plan and we need your help! In this survey we want to show you some of the work already done to improve pedestrian and bicycle access and ask for your feedback on some more upcoming projects.

The public hearing on the City's Pedestrian & Bicycle Pathways will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission Wednesday, August 8, 2017 @ 6:30PM (at 900 Saddletree Court) .
Responses in this survey will be compiled for the Commission and included in their packet to review (minus name and address). In addition all citizens are invited to complete the survey and/or attend the public hearing to publicly express their ideas. No final decisions on the update of the City's Town Plan will be made until all public hearings have been completed.
The City will be hosting public hearings and offering more online feedback opportunities throughout the fall as we update the Town Plan.

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. What is your street address?

* 3. Denton / Bitterblue, the primary private developer in the City, is currently constructing sidewalks from Lockhill-Selma to Pond Hill Road for the City. Once the sidewalk reaches Pond Hill it connects with already existing Pond Hill sidewalks to connect to NW Military. These sidewalks will be 6 feet wide path of concrete and allow a residents to walk or bike from Lockhill-Selma to Pond Hill surrounded by the natural beauty of the area.

Sidewalk from Lockhill-Selma to Pond Hill

While these sidewalks are currently under construction, if you have any feedback let us know below!

* 4. The 2010 Town Plan called for dedicated hike and bike trails parallel to DeZavala between Lockhill-Selma and NW Military. Adding a dedicated hike and bike trail has been considered too costly. In 2014 City staff added bike lanes to the existing DeZavala Road. It is possible that as part of the next resurfacing of DeZavala that the City may be able to add sidewalks within the existing shoulder.

De Zavala Road - Project would add dedicated Sidewalks and potentially expanded Bike lanes

Which option on DeZavala do you currently support?

* 5. If you have additional feedback on potential dedicated sidewalks on DeZavala from NW Military to Lockhill-Selma let us know!

* 6. The City wants residents to be able to enjoy San Antonio's Salado Creek Greenway hike & bike trail currently under development by San Antonio (construction expected to begin October 2017). A trail head / path connecting Shavano Park's sidewalks with San Antonio's trail near Blattman Elementary is already planned. There is the possibility of adding a second southern trail head / path to connect with the Salado Creek Greenway hike & bike trail just off Cliffside. Current concept is to create a safe path from Cliffside Road to the trail. This path might be a combination of crushed granite and existing rock. There is currently no plan for parking or an improved path (such as concrete or asphalt).

Trailhead Connection with San Antonio Salado Creek Greenway Trail

If you have feedback on a potential Cliffside trail head / path connecting with San Antonio Salado Creek Greenway trail let us know!

* 7. The 2010 Town Plan called for sidewalks from NW Military to the future Salado Creek Trail system. This system of sidewalks is mostly complete and was constructed by Denton / Bitterblue, the City's primary developer. These sidewalks will allow residents to easily bike, jog or walk from NW Military to the Salado Creek trail system slated to begin construction by San Antonio in October of this year.

Even though these sidewalks are largely complete, the trail head connection near Blattman Elementary with the Salado Creek trail system is not. If you have any feedback or comments for us, let us know!

* 8. The final bike and pedestrian pathway we want to tell you about is a part of the upcoming improvements in NW Military - construction currently slated for 2020. This improvement project is being paid for by a combination of State and Federal dollars and is at no cost to the City! These improvements will add dedicated sidewalks (mostly off-road and winding through trees though some areas will need a curb and connected to roadway) and dedicated bike lanes. There will also be added a continuous two-way turn lane from Huebner to Loop 1604. The highway will eventually look something  like this:

Diagram of improvements to NW Military Highway

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is in the preliminary engineering phase and in close consultation with City. If you have any feedback or comments for us, please let us know below!