This Forum is organized by HR Professionals for HR Professionals

The Frankfurt HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM 2018 is a major HR Technology & Innovation Summit, a part of annually recurring series on People Analytics, Organizational Network Analysis, Strategic Workforce Planning and ultimately the Future of Work.

The key-note speaker's roster features global thought-leaders and influencers such as David Green, Luk Smeyers, Mariëlle Sonnenberg, PhD, Ghassan Karian and Jonathan Ferrar.

Before you go any further, pause for a moment and have a look at insights from our previous HR & PEOPLE ANALYTCS events:

April 17-18, 2018 in Budapest:
October 24-25, 2017 in Zagreb:

Technology is changing the world of work and big data plays a key role in the process. Sorting out the “ocean of information” is the game-changer. HR analytics are not yet-another-hype, but a trend that is growing and is here to stay. It is increasingly becoming the “way we do things around here”. If you don’t have the right data – you are uninformed. If you have too much of unsorted data – you are overwhelmed. As a busy HR person, you can’t afford either. The quality of your decisions has a direct and lasting impact on your organization. The HR analytics provide a solution to that challenge.

The goal of this conference is to help attendees choose the best practices, tools & techniques for your organization and your own role. Some of the topics that we will talk about include:

· Building HR Analytics Functions, Teams, Capabilities and Support
· Data-Driven Recruitment and Talent Management
· Smarter Workforce Planning for Growth or Downsizing
· Technology-Enabled Employee Insights
· AI in HR and its impact on the Future of Work
· Workforce Differentiation and Predicting Attrition Impact
· Identifying and Developing Leaders among Candidates and Talent Pools

We are looking for interesting case-study presentations and speakers who will talk about REAL projects, REAL challenges, REAL issues, REAL success & failures and REAL people. No death by Power Point!

If you would like to speak at the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM please fill in the questionnaire below. Thank you!

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