Seven seats will open for the COA Board of Directors on July 1, 2020.  The open seats include:  Dietitian Officer, Field Representative (outside of Washington, DC), Health Services Officer, Medical Officer, Nurse Officer,  Retired Officer, and Therapist Officer.

The Retired Officer members of the COA Board of Directors also serve as appointed Trustees of the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation (COF) for the Advancement of Public Health.

I understand that, if I win election to the position, and accept appointment to the Board, I must:

- Serve as the lead, co-lead, or advisor to of one of the COA standing committees;

- Review and agree to meeting the requirements and expectations of a COA Board Member, as described in the by-laws;

- Apply for Ethics approval from my agency ethics official to serve on the COA Board (applies to Active duty or other federal employee);

- Be in good standing with the USPHS by maintaining basic readiness, and shall report to the Board Chair if I receive any adverse actions or fall out of good standing at any time during my appointment to the Board (applies to Active Duty only). 

Deadline: March 6, 2020

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* 6. COA Offices Held or Membership on Board Committees (include dates)

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