* 1. Are you currently attending a college or university?

* 2. Are you currently considering nursing school?

* 3. Current education standing (Check as many as apply)

* 4. Are you currently enrolled in a nursing program?

* 5. Are you currently enrolled in a postgraduate nursing degree program?

* 6. Current degree program you are enrolled in

* 7. Class Type

* 8. Type Of School Attending

* 11. Is your College / University Accredited?

* 12. Is your nursing school accredited?

* 13. School Location

* 14. High School GPA

* 15. What is your age?

* 16. Expected Date of College Graduation

* 17. In-State or Out-of-State Student?

* 18. Scholarship Student

* 19. Previous Degrees

* 20. Which of the following factors are important to you when considering a specific nursing school? On a scale from 1 to 5, mark as many of the following that apply, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

  Not Important  Somewhat important Moderately important Important Very important
Availability of financial aid, scholarships
Campus and surroundings
National College rankings
Cost (tuition, housing)
Size of college/university
Recommendation of high school guidance counselors
Timely job placement upon graduation
Grads get into top Grad schools
Graduation rate
NCLEX pass rate
Academic reputation
Having friends who will attend
Organizations, clubs, social activities
Religious affiliation/orientation of school
Influence of relatives
Availability of online courses
Flexibility of schedule
Faculty Reputation
Size of nursing school
Class size
Nursing school clinical rotation 
Nursing clinicals location
Specific nursing school accreditation - ACEN, CCNE
Degrees offered
Length of time to obtain degree
Program resources
Student-faculty ratio
High 1st time pass rates on certification examinations
Low attrition rates
On campus with hybrid programs
Assistance in locating preceptors
No GRE requirement
High quality simulation labs
Education using evidence-based practice
No thesis requirement
Liability insurance provision
HESI Requirement

* 21. Which 5 of the above are the most important to you in selecting a school?

* 22. Based on your experience, check all that apply

* 23. Are you a full-time or part-time student?

* 24. Which of the following do your teachers offer?

* 25. Does your school offer any of the following?

* 26. Based on your personal experience, rank the following

  Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
 Effectiveness of the Teachers 
Approachability / Friendliness of the Teachers 
Your Overall Education Experience 
Costs vs Education Offered 
Balance of Classes Offered (online, off-line, campus)
Student / Faculty Ratio
Orientation Class 
Simulation Lab
Clinical Placement
Preceptor Provision

* 27. Why did/do you want to become a nurse?

* 28. Name of school and location with city and state(to be used for allnurses school directory only.)

* 29. To be entered in our drawing to win a $100 gift card, please provide your email.