Raise the Bar Academy Nominator's Responsibilties

Nominator's Responsibilities
All application forms must be completed by the applicant and his/her nominating person ("Nominator"). The Nominator should be someone who plays a significant role in the applicant's life. Nominators could be the applicant's teacher, sports coach, legal guardian, family member or family friend. Nominators must be a minimum of 18 years of age. As the person nominating the student, Academy staff will rely on your effective communication with the student to ensure successful participation in the Academy. You will be the main point of contact in assisting the student to prepare for the Academy. Please review the Nominator's Responsibilities below. Please note that by submitting this application you are agreeing to adhere to the below responsibilities.

As the nominating person, I understand the following:
1. Whilst Athletics Australia and Melbourne University Sport will arrange student travel and accommodation for the Academy, I understand that it is my influence in the form of regular check-ins, encouragement and communication with parents that will significantly impact the student's attendance in the Academy.

2. It is my responsibility to ensure that ALL application and registration forms are completed correctly and submitted on time. If the applicant is successful in his/her application, he/she will be sent a registration packet.

3. The transport of the student to meet organised travel/transport for the Academy is my responsibility. This may include ensuring that parents drop off/pick up the student from the airport, helping student check-in, advising students about what to pack, and ensuring he/she understands procedures for meeting Academy staff at Melbourne Airport upon arrival.

4. Upon successful admission into the Academy, Academy staff will be in contact with you and the student to make travel arrangements and assist with personal needs.