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* 1. Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre was created to operate as a world-class facility, creating diverse cultural, educational and entertainment experiences that will promote accessibility to the arts and foster community partnerships that unify the region in support of the arts. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how well are we currently fulfilling our mission:

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* 12. Have you ever been involved in selecting special event space for a school, charitable/non profit, corporate event/meeting or personal special event for 100 people or more?

* 13. If yes, please rank the importance of the following criteria in selecting special event space from 1 being not important to 5 being most important.

  1 - Not Important at all 2 - Not very Important 3 - Somewhat Important 4 -  Very important 5 - Most important N/A
Customer service
Size of meeting room/ballroom space

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